Hot Vinyasa Flow

I teach Hot Vinyasa Flow at 3Tribes in Crouch End. A 60 minute practice on Tuesdays at 6:30am and I regularly cover other classes there (look for ‘Adriana M’ classes). I love Hot Yoga, particularly during the cold months. I offer a strong practice but I pay particular attention to protecting joints and the back and to keeping the practice safe while promoting strength, flexibility, mobility and balance.

Yoga Open Level

Every Wednesday 6:15pm and Friday at 9:45am at Yogalogy in East Finchley. An all levels’ class with a mixture of meditation, breathing practices and a strong Vinyasa Flow style practice.

Dynamic Yoga

Starting in March 2020, a strong 60min practice at Yoga Junction every Wednesday at 11am. We will start with a brief meditation, a breathing practice and will move to a dynamic yoga practice. I offer creative sequences where the student has the opportunity to explore movement while getting stronger and more flexible.

Yoga Flow

Join me for Yoga Flow at OneYoga London in Hornsey: Thursdays at 6:30pm. A pretty strong practice with creative sequences, moving to some arm balances and balancing postures. I always start my classes with a brief meditation and some breathing practices. The end of the classes will include some yin postures and a relaxation.