Bring-your-baby-yoga at Crouch End Picturehouse Mondays at 10:30am (term dates only). £11 drop-in, £50 for 5 classes or £80 for 10 sessions.

Free flow yoga classes Thursdays at 7:30pm at Coolhurst Tennis Club. £10 drop-in or £80 for 10 sessions.

Dynamic yoga at Yoga Junction from April 20th 2018. Fridays at 1:45pm. £11 drop in or £100 for 10 sessions.

Hot Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Centric. Sundays at 8:30am.

One to One classes:  Please get in touch about one to one classes. I really enjoy this classes because I can work according to the needs of the person. My fees are from £50 per session, £60 on weekends and evenings. If money is an issue, please describe your situation emailing me, I’ll see if I can help and fit something in my schedule for a smaller fee.