I have been practising yoga since 2006. I started with Ashtanga, then Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga, and practised them extensively. In 2015 I decided to make yoga my life and career and joined the British Wheel of Yoga in their 500 hour Yoga Teaching Diploma at Yoga Junction with Tara Fraser and Tarik Dervish. I have been at the same time practising and exploring other types of yoga such as Hot Yoga, Iyengar and Free Flow as well as immersing myself in the philosophical side of yoga. In the past I studied dance for many years, and I hold a Master Degree in Development Studies from Kings’ College London.

I have completed a post-natal teacher training course with Nadia Narain at Triyoga and have been hugely enjoying working with parents and their babies since March 2017.

In 2019 I started the MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University in order to deepen my understanding of Yoga and Meditation and to open new paths of teaching and work.

My own personal style is naturally dynamic, but I adjust to my students needs and capabilities. I particularly understand those that have lower back pain issues and hyper-mobility, having suffered from them for many years. I have managed to reduce the episodes of pain by becoming stronger through yoga. I’ve become stronger, not only physically but mentally and I believe I can help you achieve the same.

I really believe that my background as a dancer has given me quite a strong base of knowledge about the body and some techniques applicable to yoga that can help prevent injuries and improve posture. I trust I can help people improve their understanding of their own bodies. I try to guide my students through practices that explore natural and instinctive movement as well as structured yoga asana considering people’s own limitations.

In addition, I have a good understanding and respect for where the practices come from and I am proud to promote yoga in support of wellbeing. I emphasise breath as an anchor to fix the mind and promote other concentration techniques throughout my vinyasa-based classes. I enjoy infusing dynamic yoga practice with elements of yogic philosophy and history.

You can find me teaching group classes at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, OneYoga London, and 3Tribes in Crouch End. And I also teach corporate yoga and one-to-one yoga around Central and North London.

Thanks for reading me! Namaste,

Adriana M

Email adriana.n8yoga@gmail.com or text 07828549740

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Om Shanti