Why did I become a Yoga Teacher?

Around my 35th birthday I decided to become a yoga teacher, or at least to try to become one. I looked for the longest course available that was convenient for me. I just thought that a couple of years could give the time to really root myself in the world of yoga.

I’m a mother of three who has little developed a previous professional career. First a frustrating try in the dance world, that didn’t really make it anywhere, although dance was in my life for almost 20 years, I had a few physical issues that did not make it possible. Then a Master’s Degree in Development! I know, not really connected; then a very short experience in Green Tourism and finally a quite reasonable experience in the Charity world, although I never made much money, most of the time it was in a voluntary basis.

I don’t feel it was all for nothing, during those about 12 years since I finished my undergraduate, I created three beautiful children, with a bit of help J, and created cultural project, Ventana Latina, that involved  many amazing people. I learnt a lot, I grew up (I think)…

For about 10 of those 12 years, yoga was my escape, my time for myself.

To be completely honest, yoga was the most accessible physical practice, that I liked and that was closer to dance, that I could do with the available time I had; considering distance, money, etc, etc. After years of practising it, I realised that it was having a really positive effect on me, I felt calmer and more self confident. Yoga made me accept myself and love myself; I must confess that my lack of confidence and confusion, because life had not necessarily brought me what I thought it would, made me a bit depressed and frustrated. This feeling of rediscovering something in addition to my love to moving and working with my body, as well as the hope of continuing to contribute somehow to the society (yes, I do hope that with my teaching someday I will help people find themselves too), triggered my decision. I decided to stop all my other activities; I had become the chair of a charity for a while and was the director of a cultural project, but quit it all and applied to the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma Course.

I am hugely blessed for having been able to do that. I am aware of how lucky I am! And now with the available time I have, to study and to practise, I am falling in love with yoga even more. I know this is just the beginning, so it makes me happy to think that it will get even better. I want to learn more, I want to experience more.

I realise now, that although life didn’t bring me exactly what I wanted before -I am not sure what that was, maybe I just wanted an 8 hour job?, a successful career?, a perfect body?  I am not sure- it did bring me even better things: a family, support, good health and love. What more could I ask?

But not all is perfect and it will never be, we cannot just live in our bubbles, I am aware of where I am and this is a tough world and most people’s lives are not easy. For me yoga is my armour to deal with it better. I am learning to make that stronger and hopefully I will be able to share this path with other people.

Thanks for reading me!


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